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Apply Clan [NEG]
- What is your In game name?:KenX
- How long have you been a part of NEG Community?:Today
- How can you rate your activity?:I Will Active Everyday
- Why are you interested to have [NEG] tag?:Because I Want To Have Friend And Want Help Players In Clan [NEG]
- What contributions can you provide as an official community member?:Well I Can Suggestion To Something Update Server And Will Be Help Players In Server And Always Report It's I See Hacking Or Anything Abuse In ServerĀ 
-Why should NOT we choooe you?:It's This Clan Not Accept Me,I Will Don't Have Any Friend In Server
- If accepted, what will your name be with [NEG] tag?:[NEG]KenX
-Post a picture of your in-game stats:

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I don't think youyou read rule anyways as the server is new iI don't think some of them are applicable right now. Anyways after reading your application I don't think your fit to wear a [NEG] because:
  1. This is not a clan it's a server tag
  2. You want to join for getting some new friends. Not applicableĀ 
  3. Improve your english
Thank you for showing interest in applying for our community tag and helping us out. However, your application has been hereby denied for the following reasons:
  • You do not meet any of the requirements.
  • You obviously lack of experience.
  • Your English knowledge is not at a satisfying level.
I kindly advise you to spend more time in-game and re-apply when you meet the requirements.
[Image: tJ69VnK.png]

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