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Staff Complaints [Format & Info]
This post is in place to make sure you read it before posting an admin report, so please, please, please read it before reporting an admin as there is nothing more frustrating than an unstructured admin report:

When reporting a staff member:
1.) Stop and think, I guarantee if you wait 24 hours before posting an admin report you will not regret the decision. DO NOT report an admin because you were wrongly muted, warned or banned. If you think an admin made a mistake or an incorrect judgement call, fill a ban appeal, NOT an admin report.

2.) If you make an admin report contesting ban appeal or player report, that is not a correct reason to post an admin report. Wait the time you got given in the report to wait before posting another appeal, do not post an admin report.

3.) Make sure you follow the format which can be found below:
[b]Your in-game name:[/b] Write here your in-game name.
[b]Administrator's in-game name:[/b] Write here the name of the admin that you're reporting.
[b]The rule that he/she has broken:[/b] Write here the rule broken by the player.
[b]Date of incident:[/b] Write here when it happened.
[b]Additional info that you'd like to add?:[/b] Any extra info that you have to post related to the report, feel free to post.
[b]Proof(s)/evidence:[/b] Post here anything that is relevant against the player: screenshots, videos, chatlog, etc...

4.) Do not pester the management about your report. This includes hijacking other threads, PMing HRs on the forums, getting your friends to message the HRs in-game, poking the HRs on social medias, etc. Your report will be looked at in due time. Have patience.

5.) You must provide proof along with your report. Screenshots and video are great, chatlogs can also be helpful. If you don't have proof, there's not much the HRs can do.

6.) Unless you're providing solid proof (pictures, video, etc.) either for or against the report, do not post on other players reports. Forum warnings will be handed out for commenting on reports.

7.) Be precise and be detail-oriented. Saying "I don't know" in your report doesn't help anybody.

8.) Make sure that the report is related to the rules that are broken and not to anything else.

9.) You have have to remain respectful towards the admin you're reporting in-game whilst the report is still open because he still have his authorities unless he's proven guilty.

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