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Apocalyptic Warfare || Staff Application Requirements
-You must be mature (age bascially doesn't matter but maturity does).

-You must be able to speak a standard level of English, understandable by everyone with ease.

-You must be active for at least 10 hours a week (will be checked).

-You must have played for a minimum of 25 hours on the server before applying.

-You must have a clean record (Haven't been banned validly since a period of 2 months).

-You must be ready to dedicate your time into the tasks that come with the position. You will not be able to play the whole day any longer.

-You must be a cooperative person who's ready to work in a team environment. You must support your fellow colleagues and put personal emotions and conflicts aside.

Important Notes:

-If your application is denied, you may not apply until two weeks has been passed unless told otherwise by Level 5+. Failure to abide by this rule can delay the period and decrease your chance of being accepted by 80 percent.
-Once you have submitted your application, you must not bump it even if haven't received a satisfying number of votes. Managers are checking every single application.
-Do not PM any admin about your application nor start a discussion in-game regarding it. It will lead to an automatic denial of your application.
-Do not reply at any other application except yours under any circumstances. If you have an important note that may affect one of the applications, PM a Level 5+.

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