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Your IP is your responsibility.
It's been an unofficial policy around New Era Gaming to question excuses such as, "It was my brother" or "My friend came over and did something to my computer". However, I fear that the number of times these kind of excuses being used may increase to ridiculous proportions and thus, it has prompted this official policy being created.

You are responsible for your IP address. If you have a sibling who likes to break the rules, you may quickly find yourself banned and out of luck. If you have friends who like to come over to your house and install strange programs, you may quickly find yourself locked out of New Era Gaming.

If you want to keep playing on NEG, you will make sure that nothing ban-worthy is attached to your IP address.

A ban is a ban:
Just so we're crystal clear on this, even though I shouldn't have to explain this:

When an admin bans a player, it is typically an account ban. This, however, does not give you the option to log onto a different account, or create a new account, and continue to play. This will be deemed as ignorance of admins' decision and will be looked at as ban-evading.

Even if you feel the ban was an accident or you're just trying to connect so you can talk to an admin: DO NOT DO THIS. Use the forums to report your ban appeal.

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